Miguel Arroyo

ZACATECAS, Mexico (BNc) by Jaime Hernandez — Miguel Arroyo, preacher of the gospel in Queretaro, Mexico, and director of the School of Preaching Center in this city, died Jan. 5, in a car accident in the state of Zacatecas.

He established some 10 congregations in nearly 30 years of preaching in this region.

Brother Arroyo had worked in India with Jim Waldron and was associated with Crieve Hall congregation of Nashville, Tenn., to spread the gospel in central Mexico.

He studied in Sunset School of Preaching in the 1970s.

The teaching faculty of the school he had led were Tom Wacaster, Ronald Coleman, and Jon Gary Williams.

Miguel is survived by his wife Olivia Castaneda and four children Alain, Princess, Michael and Betsy.

We express our deepest and heartfelt sympathy to them all.