KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (BNc) — The Karns church entered the local Christmas parade Dec. 8, using the theme, “The Living Word” for their float Participants, dressed in robes and clothing of biblical times, distributed 240 Bibles and other teaching materials.




  1. Wonderful. I want to offer the following suggestions:

    1. Have a large group walking with the float handing out Bible DVDs and/or NTs and/or flyers offer a Bible correspondence course by mail or internet or dvd..
    2. Not Karns Church of Christ; just The church of Christ.or no sign at all. Just God’s Word-The Bible

    Ken Hargesheimer

    1. You know the answer but it gives us an opportunity to use it to proclaim God’s Work. Thank God for that.

  2. I’m thrilled that the Lord’s Church took advantage of this occasion. It wasn’t saying “Jesus was born on Dec. 25th”, Kent, and others who may object to the participation in the parade. Too many times in the past, we’ve often offended people at this time of year. It’s high time we take advantage of people thinking about Christ coming to save, and use the opportunity, when people’s hearts and minds are more open to the spiritual rather than the secular, and promote the Truth, by distributing Bibles, teaching materials (some great, attractive tracts by Allen Webster, for example on many subjects), WBS and WEI and other faithful online Bible Courses info. Lovingly expressed:)

    1. Certainly we need to make use of every opportunity to spread the word of God in our communities–that goes without contyroversy. We also need to take great care not to use a manner that is purposefully antagonistic to individulas. However, if in presentation of truth the truth itself is offensive to others(even when we have presented such in kindness) such situations are beyond our control. Even Christ, during his earthly ministry, disturbed a great many individuals. Such was the case, not because he was unkind, but rather due to the fact that those individuals were not truth seekers. The fact still remains that there is no New Testament authority for celebrating the birth of Christ. We need to take great care that our actions does not contradict the message that we teach. Participation in a Christmas parade wherein members are dressed in costumes portraying Bible characters sends a message to Protestant denominationalism and Roman Catholicism that we join them in celebrating the birth of Christ. Ask any sincere Baptist, Methodist, or Catholic and they will confirm this fact.

  3. I thank God that you used that opportunity to present Truth. Do it even more next year.

  4. Even when the opportunity knock let us be wise lest our good intention ends wrongly


    1. Doris, You have missed the point. The issue that I raised was not an objection to a distribution of Bibles or gospel literature. I certainly have no objection to tne distribution of such in a Crhistmas parade or any where else just as long as the truth is being distributed. The point that I was making is that we ought to never leave the impression that we as a local church were engaging in the religious observance of Christmas.

  6. There is no hint in the New Testament that the church celebrated Christ’s birthday on Dec. 25th or on any other day. In Acts 2:42 “they continued steadfastly in the Apostles doctrine in fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.” The Apostles doctrine em­phasized the death, burial and resurrection of Christ and not the birth. The first day of the week was given for the day upon which the Church is to assemble to show forth the death of Christ. Acts 20:7. The Apos­tles forbade the Church keeping days not authorized in Christ’s New Testament plan. Gal. 4:10-11. “Ye observe days and months and times and years. I am afraid of you lest I have bestowed upon you labor in vain.” Notice, Paul said his labor among them was in vain if they observed unauthorized days, etc.

    1. What did the Lord’s disciples do that indicated they were celebrating christimas? Did being in the parade indicate that? Did any of you have anything christmas on the exterior or interior of you houses? What did you do that week to SOW THE SEED?

      1. What did the folks do to indicate that they were celebrating Christmas? They collectively as a local church entered a float in a Christmas parade with members dressed like the shepherds of the days of the incarnation and birth of Christ. QUESTION: Ken do you believe a religious observance of the birth of Christ is wrong?

        1. There is no indication in The Word that early Christians observed it as a religious activity. I certainly do not. His death and resurrection is the observance that is important. What they did was historically correct. The brethren used it as an opportunity to teach Truth.

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