Levy church of ChristNORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (BNc) — The Levy church made its annual special contribution for missions yesterday, offering $275,921, missionary Ted Knight said.

With this special offering in hand, the missions committee considers every request made by missions efforts.

The annual event, called Harvest Sunday, featured guest speakers and an all-church luncheon.

The regular contribution on Sunday still surpassed the regular budget of $23,000, he said.

Ted Knight

Ted Knight teaching in Romania

Knight is sponsored by the Levy church.

“For 46 years I have loved the Levy church. Today’s actions are testimony that my love has been justified,” he said.

Knight wrote that on Sunday, Oct. 30, 1966, the attendance was 309 for Bible class and 389 for worship; the contribution was almost $900.

“Thanks, Levy brothers and sisters, for your love for the Lord and for the lost,” Knight said.