Andrew Robison

MOUNDSVILLE, W.Va. (BNc) by David Kenney — Andrew J. Robison IV has been appointed Director of the West Virginia School of Preaching (WVSOP), according to the Oct. 2012 issue of its bulletin, “Publishing Peace.”

Andrew had previously served both as an Instructor and Interim Director for the WVSOP.

The decision was made by the eldership of the Hillview Terrace congregation, which oversees WVSOP.

Andrew received his A.A. from Ohio Valley College (now Ohio Valley University) and Bachelors in Bible and Music from Harding University. He received his teaching certificate from Harding University and has pursued advanced graduate work with the Harding School of Theology.

He has served as the preacher with the Hopewell, Oakhurst, and Pennsboro churches.

Andrew has written several hymns and produced several a cappella CDs to raise support for West Virginia Christian Youth Camp. He also serves on the WVCYC Board of Directors.

He has published Teaching & Admonishing and 100 Songs to the Glory of God. Many of his songs can be found at churchofchristsongs.com.

He and his wife Marsha have two children, Hannah and Andrew.

WVSOP began in 1994 with Emanuel Daugherty serving as its first Director until 2003. Denver Cooper succeeded Daugherty until his retirement in 2010. Andrew then served in an interim capacity.

The school has an excellent library and conducts the WVSOP Lectureship, called Victory Lectures, each last full week of October.

To learn more about the school, visit their website.