GENEVA, Ala (BNc) — On Thursday evenings men from the Geneva church meet at the local county jail to teach the Bible to the inmates. Going their separate ways last night, Douglas Williams, minister of the Geneva church, was teaching in the open dome area. One of the men asked about baptism and the study began as different ones participated in the conversation. Some offered what they believed about the subject, and Williams always directed them to what the Bible taught. At the end of the class one young man said he wanted to be baptized right then. Baptisms have to be arranged with personnel, and at their convenience, so it wasn’t possible to baptize him immediately. However, three men, from other classes, were already scheduled to be baptized today (Friday). Soon a total of ten souls were requesting baptism.

On Friday morning, August 31, imagine Williams surprise to see two more men from his class join the group to be baptized, making a total of 12 whom he baptized into Christ for the remission of  sins. To God be the glory.