by Ian Starrs

ABERDEEN, Scotland (BNc) — The congregation in Aberdeen has an Evangelism Board at the front of our building, which is just like an “Attendance & Contribution Record” board, but much larger. There is a short form to mark the numbers, anonymously. We track things like:

  • New Contacts Made
  • Hospital Visits
  • Members Visited
  • Bible Correspondence Courses
  • Placed Membership
  • Baptisms

Someone made it for our congregation years ago. Some are not as diligent at turning in their numbers, and some are not doing anything, mostly because of health issues. I try to remind them without nagging, so “Labor Day” seems like a good opportunity to capitalize on reminding everyone to be active.

I heard someone say of the prior preacher that “his numbers were falling so he needed to get busy.” That man has passed away. He was a good man, but both he and the congregation failed to remember that growth is a team effort.

When I mention the board, I always stress that these are not my numbers or your numbers, but our numbers!