by Glenda Williams, BNc correspondent

GENEVA, Ala (BNc) — A former Catholic priest and his wife obeyed the gospel when Jerry Davidson took a team into the Amerindian Village of Moruca, June 18-July 9, 2012. The group  taught and baptized 21, saw two restored and one wedding. Team members were: Mike and Melissa Barnes, Jay Mikel, Opp, AL; Jerry Davidson, Hazel Rands, Summerdale, AL; Gene Johnson, Decatur, AL; David and Philena Paher, Flint, MI.

Aubrey Vincent LaCurz, former Roman Catholic Priest, wrote the following letter expressing his appreciation for being taught the truth of the gospel.

Dear Brother Jerry,

It is with gratitude and heartfelt thanksgiving to God that I pen these few words to you. Fifty four years ago I was born a Catholic. I was schooled in the best Catholic schools in Guyana. I attended the Catholic seminary and the best university in the West Indies. I was ordained a Roman Catholic priest on June 24, 1984. Among my former colleagues are Catholic bishops in the West Indies. Among them the bishop of Georgetown, Guyana, who was at Santa Rosa, Moruca the day I was baptized in the waters of the Moruca river.

Twenty-two years ago I was rebelled against the rule of Rome and was excommunicated. I felt like one moment I was a prince, and the next day I was an outcast wandering in the wilderness. There were moments when I longed for the flesh pots of Egypt (Rome) but I survived as the years went by. In my wilderness experience I have been near death’s door several times but each time the Lord sent His angels to show me the way. I often thought that now I would be a better minister of God’s word, but my church would not have me.

Last year I left the security of a well-paid job with pension, medical insurance for my family and returned to my native Moruca. I trusted that God would show me a way to provide for my family. In nine months I fought for the leadership of my village. I did not win, but I won enough votes to be made Deputy Toshaos of our village. In my capacity of Deputy Toshaos I learned that a team of Americans were coming to our village. Brother Marcello requested a written approval which I gave and was happy to welcome on arrival in Moruca.

It is amazing how God worked. I have been searching and praying for many years that the Lord would send the right people into my life. In fact, only that morning I had asked the Lord to do just that. In all my years no one had tried to evangelize me, and I never thought that I would leave the Catholic church even though I was an outcast.

It took the witness of two blind old people, Judith and Theophilus Francis, as they were led to the waters of baptism to make me wonder about your mission. The joy in their heart stirred something in my soul. So many questions were running through my mind, are you guys for real? The first time the white man came they took our land! What do you guys want from us? Can I trust you? So many questions, so little time for discernment, yet I felt a yearning in my soul for a new beginning in my life.

I remembered as a young man a Christian woman coming to pray for me. As we prayed I felt a presence. I was afraid. Then I felt great joy as a voice said to me, “Vincent, I love you, why don’t you trust me?” I felt the same way as Gene (Johnson) and yourself prepared me for baptism. Satan was there in the car that Saturday afternoon saying, “What will your friend, the bishop, say when he learns what you have done?  Do you not have a special invitation for tomorrow’s celebration?” Indeed I have been specially invited to the church the following day.

There was a war raging in my soul that afternoon. I believe I asked whether I could trust you. You replied, “Do not trust us, but trust the Lord. We may fail you, but He will not.” In fear and trembling I took the leap of faith and was baptized.

As I left the waters of baptism, I thought I would share the good news with my wife. She flipped! The devil laughed at me that evening! What to do? I found the answer in chapter 4 of the beginner’s manual (The Beginning of our Confidence by David Pharr) who is in charge. Who is in charge? Jesus is in charge. I told Him my problem and went to sleep.

With Jesus help, and yours, my wife was baptized. We have a long way to go, but I am happy I made the first step. I am still searching for the truth and each day I ask the Lord to teach me, guide and protect us.

May He also keep you strong in the faith. Do give my regards to all the members of the team who came to share the Word with us in Moruca. May the seed you have sown bear much fruit. I remain your brother in Christ,

                                                                                                                                                             Aubrey Vincent LaCurz

Additional Note: Jerry Davidson’s next scheduled mission trip to the Amerindians in Guyana is October 1-15 for two weekers, and October 1-22 for three weekers. Already 17 are scheduled to go on this trip. For further information, contact or call 251-510-9350.