by David Fanning

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.  (BNc) – The religious debate between Jason Weatherly (Pentecostal) and Kevin Pendergrass (Christian) over the issue of the type of music God authorizes under New Covenant worship was a great success!

Approximately 1500–2000 individuals from all over the world watched this debate live on April 26–27, 2012, at the Pershing United Pentecostal building.

Truth stood victorious as Kevin Pendergrass, one of the speakers for the brotherhood broadcast known as The Gospel of Christ, contended for the faith and proved from the Scriptures that vocal music is the only type of music God authorizes in New Testament worship (Jude 3).

At the same time, Kevin exposed the error of Jason Weatherly who is a prominent preacher and debater of the Pentecostal Denomination (Ephesians 5:11). Among the positive feedback from this debate was the following comment:

Hey brother Kevin,

I just wanted to send you an e-mail of encouragement and say that you did an awesome job at defending the truth last night. As a former Pentecostal preacher and ordained bishop, it was through a debate much like this one with a member of the Churches of Christ, that I and my wife and most of my former church members found the truth and are now faithful members of the Lord’s Church!! Keep up the good work brother Kevin, myself and family are all praying for you!!

In HIS service, Billy R. Williams, North Carolina

The Gospel of Christ (evangelistic work overseen by the elders of the McLish Ave church in Ardmore, Okla.) is giving away free copies of this debate on DVD, including the pre-debate discussion between the debaters and the moderators (these men spoke about religious debate being one of the scriptural ways to arrive at truth and unity). You can order free copies by contacting the Mclish Ave church of Christ : 580.223.3289 or email.

This event is one of the greatest debates of the 21st century. Be sure to reserve a copy for yourself and others you are trying to reach!