SPRING HILL, Tenn., (BNc) — This summer, a team of youth ministers from churches of Christ are releasing 12 HD video messages for churches to use and discuss together.

 #HASHTAG Youth Series: the online video series for teenagers, will be available online to families, groups, and churches around the world. Their goal is to be able to meet young people where they are – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and all the other places teenager spend their time online. Using these networks #HASHTAG will present different aspects of what Jesus has done, what Jesus is doing, and what Jesus will do, and why it matters for young people.

“It’s an all-out blitz using an online platform and the social media networks to campaign the gospel message of Jesus Christ.  We hope to hear groups from different states, countries, and continents join together in praise, fellowship, and worship of God’s glory,” said one of the organizers of the series.

Those interested in the series can help:

1. Register. Get special content/resources by registering on our webpage.
2. Connect with social networks. Facebook/Twitter
3. Share the idea with area churches.
4. Pray and prepare for response/feedback to each message
5. Order T-shirts, slap bracelets (links coming soon)
6. Print and circulate poster/postcards (downloadables)
7. Host a #HASHTAG premiere party May 23rd. (The first night of series)

The project is supported and overseen by the eldership at the Spring Meadows church in Spring Hill, Tenn.