by Kevin Cauley

AUSTIN, Tex. (BNc) — The Christian Worker monthly periodical launched its website yesterday, putting its content online for free.

Since 1903 the Christian Worker has been published by faithful brethren who seek the old paths. It is one of the oldest, least-known periodicals in the brotherhood.

Originating in Panama, Neb., the periodical was published under the editorship of men such as Rue Porter, Bill Freeze, Jr., and Bill Jackson.

Currently the paper’s editor is Kevin Cauley, a faculty member of the Southwest School of Bible Studies. It is published under the authority of the elders of the Southwest congregation in Austin.

The paper offers, and will continue to honor, both local and international subscriptions for its print edition. The price has not changed substantially since the early 1970s.

In 2008, the Christian Worker was made available by email in PDF format.

Altogether, the paper has about 1200 subscribers.

In its over 100-year history, the majority of teaching has been done through the printed page. The editor and overseers of the work, however, hope to expand the Worker’s influence this year by publishing its articles on the Internet at the new website. In so doing, a new chapter of the Christian Worker begins.

Additionally, special web-only articles will be featured on the site.

Offering both print and digital formats, the Christian Worker occupies a special place among the brotherhood and looks forward to continuing its standing tradition of faithfully proclaiming the word.

Free online subscriptions are available at the Christian Worker website.

Printed issues of the Christian Worker are available for $6.00 per year, $5.50 in clubs of 5 or more, $5 per year on the congregational plan, or $0.75 per issue.

For overseas subscribers, the Worker is available for $17.00 per year.

Those interested may write to the Christian Worker through email or by postal mail at the editorial address: 8900 Manchaca Rd., Austin, TX 78748.