ABILENE, Tex. (BNc) — World Bible School widens its focus, working with local churches to evangelize the U.S., along with the rest of the world, through online courses.

Steve Smith, pulpit minister of the Baker Heights congregation, explained their involvement in the new program in the May 15 issue of the church bulletin:

“[The World Bible School has] broken new ground. They will continue using the same lessons; they will continue their overseas evangelism. But now they want to emphasize local evangelism using their same lessons. Likewise, they will be breaking new ground in that they have put their lessons on the internet: A person can fill out the lessons, and they are immediately submitted to the WBS teacher. Snail mail takes weeks if not months to get back and forth, especially overseas. Of course, you will be able to continue using the snail mail; but if someone wants to take the lessons via the internet, it is now available. The website is here. Baker Heights elders want to have this additional tool in our arsenal of teaching methods.”