by Glenda Williams, BNc correspondent

GENEVA, Alabama (BNc) — This author began a cookie ministry last week.  Let me explain.

“Old-Timey Tea Cakes” was the recipe that caught my attention and I made a batch. With four cups of flour, one and three-fourths cups of sugar, two sticks of butter and a few more ingredients, in a little over an hour I had 96 tea cakes that didn’t need to stay in our house. I decided out the door they would go as we visited different people on our Tuesday day of visiting.

My friend suggested a dozen would be a nice number of cookies to give each family.

The packaging was simple. I recycled my small gift bags with the colorful tissue paper. The cookies were placed in a new zip-lock bag and dropped gently into the bags. They were well received.This week I have made sugar-free tea cakes for my diabetic friends. I only got 50 from the same recipe due to using Splenda instead of sugar.

The gift bags are filled and ready to go out the door.

There is a special feeling that comes when delivering a pretty little gift bag with homemade tea cakes inside.

I call it my cookie ministry.