by Glenda Williams, BNc correspondent

GENEVA, Alabama (BNc) — “Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can come back up,” is a statement  made about people on the wrong pathway in life.  That statement often explains the position of those confined in the local county jail. 

On Thursday evenings a group of men from the church in Geneva goes into the jail for Bible study with the inmates. As a result of those Bible studies, five men were baptized Thursday morning, October 7.

The outdoor, make-shift baptistry is a large metal stock watering tank purchased at a local feed and seed store. Due to frequent baptisms, the jail staff provided the large tank  for use on the jail property, rather than transporting the inmates to the church building for the baptisms.

After a person is baptized, their picture is taken and placed on the front page of the next church bulletin. It is considered front-page news, the same as an important article in the newspaper would be. The men in the jail like to have copies of the bulletin to share with family members and to save for themselves. Recently one of the younger men mentioned he didn’t want his picture in the orange prison uniform put in the bulletin. He was ashamed of the reminder that he broke the law and had to pay for it; yet, we know his soul was white as snow. Sin scars.