by Tom L. Childers

MIDDLETON, Tenn. (BNc) — The New Hope church near Middleton, Tenn., will be remembering 180 years of New Testament Christianity in Hardeman Co., Tenn., during their Homecoming and Gospel Meeting October 24-27, 2010.

Speakers will include: Ralph Gilmore, David Lipe, Stan Mitchell, Earl Edwards, and Tom Childers. For more information, go to the church website or send an email to Tom Childers. The schedule also can be found on their website.

The New Hope church of Christ, 1170 New Hope Road, Middleton, Tenn., has been in existence since the 1830s. The church has produced over 15 preachers and several song leaders. Two preachers and one song writer are buried in the church cemetery. The church has long stressed the importance of good singing. There are about 60 members, with two elders, three deacons, and six song leaders.

The high school gymnasium in Middleton is named in honor of Bailey Howell, star basketball player and an elder in Starkville, Miss. His parents are buried in the New Hope church cemetery. The court of the gymnasium was recently named in honor of Larry Smalley, one of our elders at New Hope who coached at Middleton for many years. Tom Childers has been the preacher since June 2008. More history of the church at New Hope can be found at the website.