Movie Review by Terry W. Frizzell

I walked in the theater approximately five minutes before the movie, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed?” was scheduled to start.

Though the theater was built to hold a considerable number of people, I found that I was only the third person to arrive. During the next few minutes before the movie started three more arrived. I wondered to myself why so few people were here? Was it because not enough people know? Was it because not enough people cared?

Earlier in the day I had seen the movement of the “establishment.” The first lawsuit was filed seeking an injunction to remove the documentary from theaters. The basis for the lawsuit was a 15-second sound clip from John Lennon’s “Imagine” used in the movie. Yoko Ono filed the suit when Internet bloggers accused her of selling out to the creationists. I thought the lawsuit a bit odd, at least, until after I saw the documentary. After seeing the documentary I know why they are afraid. This is one of the best presentations of the facts as to what is happening in the scientific community that has been produced.

The documentary was co-written by Ben Stein, and Stein is the main character, also. Through this documentary Stein seeks to establish evidence to document that freedom of speech is only free when one agrees with the establishment. He uses a short clip of the Berlin Wall (several times), and makes the point repeatedly and pointedly that freedom of speech in the scientific community is encouraged as long as you are on the “correct” side of the wall in your thinking. However, if you are on the “wrong” side of the wall, freedom of speech and thought is powerfully condemned.

Stein interviews several from the scientific community who have been severely persecuted, not because they believed in God, but because they dared to question whether or not the evidence being found in science supported Darwinism (the belief that life began spontaneously on earth, then continued through the process of evolution of the species). Besides these individuals, he pointed to numerous others who were interviewed anonymously for fear of reprisal from the “establishment.”

Then, on the heels of these interviews, Stein presents some bold statements from the proponents of Darwinism as to their attitude toward those who believe that Intelligent Design is a possible conclusion to the evidence. One highly educated scientist said the thought that life came into existence by Intelligent Design was “stupid.” One said that it “stunts the growth” of our youth today. One called it “propaganda,” and another said it was “pure boredom” and provided no “interesting concepts.”

Numerous statements were made by these scientists throughout the movie comparing the belief in Intelligent Design to believing in fairies, etc.

Stein goes on a quest to determine whether the scientific community is indeed militant against any belief opposed to Darwinism. He speaks to numerous scientists throughout the world, on both sides of the debate, and concludes there is no debate at all. The reason for a lack of debate is not because of the evidence or even the lack of evidence, but rather because of the oppression from those who are powerful in the scientific community.

Then things became more serious. Stein makes a trip to Germany to walk through the concentration camps. Being Jewish, this must have been quite an emotional experience for Stein. As he walked through the camps, and spoke to those who were his guides, his point was crystal clear: Hitler’s plan was based on Darwin’s theory.

On top of this, Hitler’s law was actually based on a similar movement that occurred in the United States. It was called the “Eugenic” movement. From 1907 onward, at least 60,000 Americans were sterilized against their will to keep those who were “feeble-minded idiots” from reproducing. This would keep society from being overwhelmed by “undesirables.” This was Hitler’s plan also. It is clear that Stein is driving home the end result of Darwinism.

Then, Stein presents information to support the fact that the “Planned Parenthood” organization actually began from the “Eugenic” movement in the United States, that both abortion and euthanasia were the result of Darwinism. It was an extremely emotional portion of the documentary.

Finally, Stein dealt with the huge question, “Where did life come from?” The whole documentary is about this question, but there were times when he was extremely specific.

He asked several scientists to help him understand the answer to this question, but most refused. One scientist spoke of primordial mud that was electrocuted by lightning, causing life to occur. Stein points out that in 1954 tests were begun to try to create life this way, and that they had failed miserably. In fact, every single time tests have been conducted in an attempt to create life this way have failed -– for 54 years! This test has failed so many times that today many of the supporters of Darwinism have given up on the theory of life coming into existence this way.

Without this theory, others have to come to the surface. One scientist said “life began on the backs of crystals.” When Stein asked him to explain that, he said he already did.

Richard Dawkins, believed by most to be the premier atheist in our world (he wrote the book “The God Delusion”), was driven to admit that the evidence suggested that an Intelligent Designer was possible, though he stressed that the designer wasn’t God. His thought was that somewhere there had been a race that had evolved much farther than we have, and that they must have traveled to earth and planted the seeds of life on the earth, and we have evolved from this “planting.” At least, Dawkins admitted to there being “evidence” of design.

Understand, this is not a movie, it is a documentary. This means there are times that will seem a little dry to some. Understand further that this is not a religious movie. The point Stein makes is that freedom of thought and speech are being taken away.

His point is that the true scientific evidence seems to point toward Intelligent Design, and he believes that all men should have the opportunity to determine who that Designer is. Stein’s complaint is that science is not allowing people the opportunity to determine this for themselves based from the evidence.

It is my recommendation that “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” is a “must-see.”

The “establishment” is not going to be silenced; will we?