A Book Review by Travis Main

The God of the Covenant, by David Lusk. Royce City, TX: Bible Foundation. $15.00.

My typical day involves a lot of study. Personally, I am not able to cover a large amount of material each day, but I do put in an effort to grow.

My initial response to a book is, “How thick is it?” I am terrifed of huge books. My next response is usually, “How big is the type and how is it spaced?”

Though it is not an indication of the content of the book, I am pleased to say that The God of the Covenant passed these tests. It is a nice-sized type and about 266 pages of reading.

With my hit-and-miss schedule, the book took me about two weeks to read. Perhaps the book took me 12-16 hours to read.

Some books read like instruction manuals or an insurance policy. I cannot get through those things. I have to call upon my daughter of wife for that kind of thing. The God of the Covenant seriously compelled me to read further.

It had a number of pertinent illustrations from both the author’s personal life and other sources. Neither the language nor the concepts were difficult to grasp. In fact, most of the time, I felt like I was being told a story throughout the book. The reading flowed. My daughter is 12 years old, and I will have her read the book now that I am done with it.

One of the fascinating aspects of The God of the Covenant is that it shares a large amount of historical perspective with the reader. What were the processes that ancient people went through to establish covenants? What type of covenants did they engage in? There were many nuances that until now I had no understanding of when it came to covenants in the Bible.

The author is establishes a scriptural basis for his assertions, from the use of both the Old and New Testaments. Ever wonder what a “covenant of salt” meant when you read it in Scripture? The author explains this in terms that will leave a lasting impression. Do you know what a parity covenant or suzerainty covenant is? You will within a few pages of reading the book. You will see how these are covenants utilized in the Bible and how they apply to us.

The book could be very beneficial in conversion and bring about a better understanding of our relationship with our Creator.

I have no doubt that the copy I currently have will not be the only one that passes through my hands.

The book may be ordered from the website The Evangelist Store or by emailing David Lusk.