Updated April 9.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (BNc)- A tornado touched down in the Arkansas capital last night, April 3.

George McDonald, deacon at the Somers Avenue church in N. Little Rock and Master Chief Sargent in the National Guard, wrote, “The tornado that did most of the damage was about two miles to the west of us. We heard the sounds of it, but it did no damage to us.

“One of my troops, however, was driving to get out of its way and had a board thrown through the windshield. Lucky for him and his girl friend it went between them. He did have some glass in his right eye, and the board broke several bones in his cheek. He is currently in surgery. They said his eye looks to be OK and they should be able to get all the glass out. Remember Sam Chamberlain in your prayers.”

George also mentioned that “the rains continue this morning, so they haven’t been able to access the damage. We hope it isn’t as bad as the one in February. One of the local police caught the tornado going past his cruiser in Benton. The video has already found its way to the internet.”

George’s wife Linetta mentioned that the tornado damaged about 30 planes at the NLR airport.

The weather service predicts more severe storms and tornado activity on Thursday, Apr. 9.