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The Psalms, the Psalms

by Warren Baldwin, minister, Ulysses, Kan., church

Today at about 12:30 noon I was typing notes on Psalm 109 for my term paper for Harding University Graduate School of Religion, when the phone rang. I was expecting my wife Cheryl to call and say she was home for lunch and I was to go join her. Instead, it was the high school saying there was an accident and they wanted all the ministers to come to the high school. Read more

Christians’ Homes Hit, Elder’s House Destroyed

By Elizabeth Owen

DEVELOPING STORY, Check back for updates

Mtn View tornado hits homes

Editor’s note: This was just received. According to one person who received Elizabeth’s email, “The family are members of the church. One home destroyed was that of one of the elders of the church there.”

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Ark. (BNc)- I’m asking that everyone keep the town of Mountain View in your prayers. Carrie and I made a trip there yesterday to check on her family, the destruction is indescribable. My family’s home is fine, but Carrie’s extended family on Herpel Rd. took a very hard hit, their chicken houses and two homes almost destroyed. There are too many other families to list. Read more