Jimmy JividenABILENE TX (WGN)- Author and speaker Jimmy Jividen’s writing is limited to a couple of hours a day as his Parkinson’s Disease progresses. Jimmy had to curtail his speaking engagements, but still manages to do some writing.

In an email to WGN Nov. 21, Jimmy wrote, “I have difficulty in talking and walking and remembering things, outside of that I am dong fine.”

Phil Sanders, minister of the Concord Road congregation in Brentwood, Tenn., wrote, “I spoke to Jimmy a couple of weeks ago. He is limited to writing only a couple of hours a day. His Parkinson’s disease is progressing. Jimmy is one of my mentors and personal heroes. Keep him in your prayers.”

In his email, Jimmy, always concerned for the brotherhood, also mentioned that the Oldham Lane congregation in Abilene was searching for a preacher.

Jimmy is the author of many books, including Alive in the Spirit, Inspiration and Authority of the Scriptures, Miracles: From God or Man?, and Worship in Song.

When he was able, he spoke on many lectureships and workshops, as a preacher in great demand.