SAO JOSE DOS CAMPOS, BRAZIL (WGN)- In a country larger than the continental US, where congregations are scattered, two churches an hour apart from each other came together Nov. 25 for a joint Sunday meeting.

The church in the Pimentas neighborhood of the city of Guarulhos came as a whole, in a school van and cars, to the meeting of the congregation in Sao Jose dos Campos (SJC). Both congregations are located near the Via Dutra, the main interstate highway between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Almost the entire Pimentas congregation was present, with some 40 people. The SJC church had about 30 present.

Guarulhos is a city in the greater Sao Paulo area and seat of the metro international airport. Sao Jose dos Campos is the largest city in the Paraiba Valley region northeast of Sao Paulo.

Valdir SilvaValdir Silva, evangelist of the Pimentas congregation, wrote in their weekly church bulletin for that day, “Our goal is for the two congregations to grow closer, and participating today in the worship service with these brethren is the first step.”

Christians from the two congregations shared in leading the worship for the day.

Valdir led the communion meditation and Otavio Carvalho, one of the two men who began the congregation in SJC, directed the offering meditation.

Otavio CarvalhoThe visiting preacher for the day was Luciano Campos, evangelist in the Prazeres congregation, located in the metropolitan region of Recife, on Brazil’s northeast coast.

After the morning service, the two congregations shared the noon meal together.

Valdir invited the SJC church to meet with them in Pimentas in March, 2008.