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Haiti relief continues with good results

by John L. Kachelman. Jr.

JUDSONIA, Ark. (BNc) – Our early planning is paying off exceptionally well. Every container has arrived smoothly and food has been distributed without problems. Thanks to the cooperation and planning of Rang Hee, Erin Long and Counterpart International and thanks to the efforts of USAID and others involved in the government, we have had no problems with Haitian Customs.

It is the careful planning, immediate cooperation and close organization that has allowed us to see the the Lord’s Church glorified. We received this note from Pacius: “Erin Long (Counterpart) was great by helping me to get the paper quickly. People in the Customs office were so helpful to us last week. They told us what to do to get the Container out.”

Within the last seven days we have loaded and shipped seven containers with 291,500 pounds of food and relief supplies for distribution in Haiti.

We are receiving a number of reports that are providing us the means to communicate to the government how effective our distribution system is in Haiti. It is significant to point out that we are getting food delivered and distributed to areas where many of the big organizations have never touched. This is due to the fantastic cooperation and planning of our Haitian brethren.

Listen to this comment, “I lost my wife, I lost my house, I lost everything. But I find a new Family in you, because you have done a lot for me and many people in Haiti. I am happy to load this Container to help our brethren, our friends and so many others, in Port-au-Prince. You are in the States and also you are in Haiti — because in every devotion I ask for a special prayer for you. You are first in our minds.”

Thank you for your involvement in the Haiti Relief efforts. You have made it possible for the Lord’s compassion to be known by thousands!

Haitian aid shifts gears

by Barbara A. Oliver, managing editor

Haitian Frankie carrying rice from donationsPORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (BNc) – The earthquake that hit Haiti Jan. 12 took more than 230,000 lives, injured approximately 300,000 and left an estimated one million people homeless.

An update from Roberta Edwards, of the Son-Light Orphanage in Haiti, appeared in an email Feb. 24 from the Estes church in Henderson, Tenn.

Edwards reported, “Things are very hard in Haiti. Those that had jobs have lost them. Those that are working are not getting paid. Medical needs are growing as infections and sickness grow from overcrowded tent camps. Aftershocks have been hitting pretty regularly the last 24 hours. The kids are having a difficult time sleeping. We continue to pray and reassure.” Read more

Update of Haitian relief efforts by Judsonia church

Editor’s Note: The Judsonia, Ark. church has been instrumental in launching an extensive relief effort to Haiti. The following is part of a 12-page compilation of communications regarding that effort. For more information see the Judsonia church site.

by John L. Kachelman, Jr.

JUDSONIA, Ark. (BNc) — The old spiritual songs about one not having “time to die” certainly applies to events from the past two weeks. During this time we have been going non-stop in fifteen different directions.

Obviously Haiti has consumed an enormous amount of each day as communications have been non-stop. But during this time we also loaded containers for Ukraine and Tajikistan!

We have three collection sites at this point: Henderson, Tenn., Columbus, Miss., and Judsonia, Ark. Read more

Son Light Orphanage unharmed by aftershock

Editor’s Note: Roberta Edwards and children at the Son Light Orphanage in Haiti felt yesterday’s aftershock, but were unharmed.  As of today, the orphanage has distributed over 2000 lbs. of rice, as well as other food. The following is a note from Roberta posted on the Son Light Orphanage group on Facebook.

Today, Richard and I took a turn around the city. Not very long but very sad. People are doing their best to leave the city and go out to the country. Wounded are on the side of the road not far from the dead. People are begging every motorist to please give them a free ride “somewhere.” They don’t care where you are going, they just want to get out of town. Read more

Southwest church initiates relief effort

An Oklahoma church long involved in Haiti gathers help for earthquake victims to be distributed through churches in the capital.

by C. J. Vires

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (BNc) – Members of the Southwest church of Christ in Ada, Okla.,  have been involved in mission work in northern Haiti since the late 1970s and currently oversee the Cap Haitian Children’s Home (CHCH) and Haitian Widow’s Program.

We are thankful that both of these works did not experience any immediate damage from the earthquake. However, because of our experience in Haiti and the tremendous devastation, we feel that there is a need and responsibility for us to use our experiences in Haiti to help in coordinating a relief effort that provides targeted assistance to local congregations in the Port-au-Prince area. Read more

Update on missionary Roberta Edwards and the Sonlight Children’s Home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Editor’s Note: Roberta Edwards was out of the country visiting her parents when the earthquake hit Haiti. Fellow worker Josh Wyatt, from Memphis, Tenn., flew to the Dominican Republic and traveled overland to reach the orphanage and lend his support. One of the children was killed when an interior wall fell, but the other children are safe. The following is a report published by the Estes church.

Roberta is back at her house with her children. It turns out that the security wall is completely down along the south side of her property, in addition to being partially down on the east (behind her house). Josh Wyatt and the boys are working to stretch razor wire and make a temporary barrier, but it is tough going. Surprisingly, people continue to come to the gate and knock, asking for help. At the guest house on Santo 13 the wall is also breached, but we don’t have the details yet on what it would take to repair it. Read more

Judsonia church prepares aid for Haiti

Editor’s note: The Judsonia, Ark., church has long been involved in humanitarian aid and disaster relief. The following email from minister John Kachelman relates to their efforts. For more information see the Judsonia church site.

Dear brethren,

Thank you for your responses and eagerness to help those in great need. In an effort to keep you updated on developments in the relief efforts that we are coordinating for Haiti I am sending you this information. As you work to collect items to help please be aware of how your efforts will bring glory to God through His Church. The efforts and energies of the local church will highlight to the community the practicality of the gospel! Read more

Kingsport TN church channels aid directly to Haiti

The Northeast church in Kingsport, Tenn., is sending aid directly to the church of Christ in Haiti. Donation information is included in this story.

by Sam Ross, Northeast church elder

Darrell Riley and I have been involved in the work in Haiti for over 20 years. The Northeast church in Kingsport, Tenn., where we are elders, is the sponsoring church for Jean Robert St. Hilaire, who directs the School of Preaching and is full-time minister for the Delmas 43 church of Christ in Port-Au-Prince. Read more

Haitian relief efforts underway

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (BNc) — As relief efforts pour into quake-stunned Haiti, many churches are wondering how they can help.

Hope For Haiti’s Children

Terry Tripp of the Center Hill church in Paragould, Ark., informed BNc that there is a foundation, primarily Church-of-Christ sponsored, called Hope For Haiti’s Children (HFHC). HFHC is a program of sponsorship to fund education and health benefits for Haitian children. Read more