by John L. Kachelman. Jr.

JUDSONIA, Ark. (BNc) — Our early planning is paying off exceptionally well. Every container has arrived smoothly and food has been distributed without problems. Thanks to the cooperation and planning of Rang Hee, Erin Long and Counterpart International and thanks to the efforts of USAID and others involved in the government, we have had no problems with Haitian Customs.

It is the careful planning, immediate cooperation and close organization that has allowed us to see the the Lord’s Church glorified. We received this note from Pacius: “Erin Long (Counterpart) was great by helping me to get the paper quickly. People in the Customs office were so helpful to us last week. They told us what to do to get the Container out.”

Within the last seven days we have loaded and shipped seven containers with 291,500 pounds of food and relief supplies for distribution in Haiti.

We are receiving a number of reports that are providing us the means to communicate to the government how effective our distribution system is in Haiti. It is significant to point out that we are getting food delivered and distributed to areas where many of the big organizations have never touched. This is due to the fantastic cooperation and planning of our Haitian brethren.

Listen to this comment, “I lost my wife, I lost my house, I lost everything. But I find a new Family in you, because you have done a lot for me and many people in Haiti. I am happy to load this Container to help our brethren, our friends and so many others, in Port-au-Prince. You are in the States and also you are in Haiti — because in every devotion I ask for a special prayer for you. You are first in our minds.”

Thank you for your involvement in the Haiti Relief efforts. You have made it possible for the Lord’s compassion to be known by thousands!