by Barbara A. Oliver, managing editor

Haitian Frankie carrying rice from donationsPORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (BNc) — The earthquake that hit Haiti Jan. 12 took more than 230,000 lives, injured approximately 300,000 and left an estimated one million people homeless.

An update from Roberta Edwards, of the Son-Light Orphanage in Haiti, appeared in an email Feb. 24 from the Estes church in Henderson, Tenn.

Edwards reported, “Things are very hard in Haiti. Those that had jobs have lost them. Those that are working are not getting paid. Medical needs are growing as infections and sickness grow from overcrowded tent camps. Aftershocks have been hitting pretty regularly the last 24 hours. The kids are having a difficult time sleeping. We continue to pray and reassure.”

“But we have been able to share over 100,000 lbs of food with 11 churches of Christ and many other local groups. We have received 48 tents and a handful of tarps that were also shared. We have been able to help hundreds in mini medical clinics that have been held by the groups from Estes. We are expecting two containers this week with food and supplies. We have 5000-6400 tents coming in Fri. or Sat. The tents were collected through a joint effort with CRF, Harding University and Manna Global. To date since the earthquake we have had 21 baptisms. Last Sunday night we had 300+ folks attend service,” said Edwards.

Jesse Robertson, an Estes deacon in charge of logistics, said, “From the beginning it has been clear that all of our donors were concerned about emergency food and medical care. That has been our primary focus so far.”

However, focus is shifting to more permanent needs, such as housing and equipment for job creation. The Estes congregation is asking for ideas on how to fulfill these needs.

If you would like to help, you can contact them by email or call 731-989-7990.