Editor’s Note: The Judsonia, Ark. church has been instrumental in launching an extensive relief effort to Haiti. The following is part of a 12-page compilation of communications regarding that effort. For more information see the Judsonia church site.

by John L. Kachelman, Jr.

JUDSONIA, Ark. (BNc) — The old spiritual songs about one not having “time to die” certainly applies to events from the past two weeks. During this time we have been going non-stop in fifteen different directions.

Obviously Haiti has consumed an enormous amount of each day as communications have been non-stop. But during this time we also loaded containers for Ukraine and Tajikistan!

We have three collection sites at this point: Henderson, Tenn., Columbus, Miss., and Judsonia, Ark.

We have delayed the actual transport of relief commodities into Haiti until we have absolute assurance that the items will not be left stranded but will quickly be distributed. We had to establish a command and control of order, and our military has done a fantastic job getting the Port-au-Prince airport functioning. Now we are able to begin helping with integrity the distribution of food. I know this has seemed so long and the suffering has been so severe, but without a secure distribution all would have been lost.

The assessment team from the US Department of State has been in the Dominican Republic and setting up the transportation from that side into Haiti. We just about have everything in place.

The Judsonia congregation has been receiving generous financial donations to assist with the Haitian relief efforts. We are using these funds to purchase items of food and other essential products. A full accounting will be rendered to all donors regardless of the amount contributed.

Our concerns can be summarized with these points:

  • Utilize every dollar donated to its maximum ability. Why purchase and spend for items when they can be donated? We can safely say that 100% of every dollar received will go directly to the relief efforts. We have opened a checking account specifically for the Haitian Relief efforts in order to keep these funds separate.
  • Give glory to God and exercise His Church in its mission. We plan to use local congregations in Haiti to distribute commodities and for follow-up operations.
  • Join with available resources to secure success. Specifically, we want to utilize our connections with the US Military in distribution. This will be done for security and the safety of our brethren. We have seen amazing results in some of our previous operations because our military troops were a critical component.
  • Present a total transparency in the handling of funds. We feel the great obligation of the stewardship of this operation. Every donor will receive regular reports. We will utilize email to provide these updates. (Please send an email address to John Kachelman for updates). We would ask that you share reports with others who are concerned about this effort.

Thank you for your fellowship in this great effort. May God be glorified!