Editor’s Note: Roberta Edwards and children at the Son Light Orphanage in Haiti felt yesterday’s aftershock, but were unharmed.  As of today, the orphanage has distributed over 2000 lbs. of rice, as well as other food. The following is a note from Roberta posted on the Son Light Orphanage group on Facebook.

Today, Richard and I took a turn around the city. Not very long but very sad. People are doing their best to leave the city and go out to the country. Wounded are on the side of the road not far from the dead. People are begging every motorist to please give them a free ride “somewhere.” They don’t care where you are going, they just want to get out of town.

I spoke with the preacher in Citie Soliel today. The church building is destroyed. Members of the church are sleeping in a field. I gave them one of our carport tents that Global Manna donated. It is 12 x 20 and should provide cover for many. We hope to bring food to them tomorrow at the latest. The preacher is trying to help with logistics so that we can deliver the food safely and efficiently.

My girls bagged 800 lbs. of rice today and put it in bags to be distributed. They are putting soap, combs, shoes, matches and a few other odds and ins to help those in need. We will send these out tomorrow, I can only pray.