LA GRANGE, Tex. (BNC) — Leslie and Sara Taylor announced their decision to return to Japan in March, 2020. The couple have three children and earlier spent six years in the country. They are sponsored by the La Grange TX church.

They will focus on evangelism and ministry to the saints. Their work will be based with the Matsudo congregation.

Leslie and Sara are graduates of Freed-Hardeman University.

According to their website, they have secured monthly commitments of US$1,050. They will need US$4,500 per month.

Leslie sent out the following email several days ago:

After several months of prayer and consideration, our family is excited to announce that we have decided to return to the work in Japan. Our plan is to return in March of 2020, and you can read more about our plans and what we are looking to do by visiting our new website.

Of course, to make this work possible, we will once again need help. We are looking for anyone who might be interested in supporting this important work. If you supported us previously, we would love to partner with you again. However, even if you can’t provide financial support this time, if you can share any potential connections, we would be so grateful! You can find more information about our needs and supporting our work at this link.

Additionally, we will be initiating a new and improved missions newsletter this time around in place of these emails. If you would like to sign up for that newsletter, you can easily do so by following this link.

We appreciate your prayers and support during our previous mission work so much, and would appreciate your continued support in the coming years. Thank you so much for your time, and we pray God is blessing your work for his Kingdom wherever you are.

Grace and peace in Christ,

The Taylor Family (Leslie, Sara, Cambria, Madeleine, and Boston)