KELLER, Tex. (BNC) by Cory H. Collins — There are countless ways to make the Lord part of your daily life and influence. Which way is best? The one that you will use, that works for you, that fits you. It may be a spoken word, a post on social media, an email, or a note. It may be a simple question about life, happiness, values, or destiny. Where there is a will there is a way. Once you and I determine to share our faith in Jesus Christ, the possibilities are endless.

One simple tool is a wristband you can wear at work, at school, at play, at the store, and wherever else you may be.

Recently my coworker arranged for all of us to have a wristband like the one you see in the photo. It graphically portrays the gospel, showing that Jesus came down from heaven, died on the cross, was buried in the tomb, rose again and ascended to heaven, and will return. Simple. Eye-catching. Intriguing. Silent.

The other night my wife and I stopped at a sandwich shop. We ordered a turkey sub on wheat, with lettuce, tomatoes, sauce, and — sorry, I digress. It’s not what we got on our sandwich that I want to discuss, but what I had on my wrist.

We always try to smile when we eat out, to be friendly, and to engage those we meet in simple chit-chat. However, in this situation we did not make any direct comment about the gospel. We did not need to.

The sandwich craftsman was a young boy, a teenager. As I paid the bill and added the tip, he saw my wristband and asked, “What’s that on your wrist?”

He started the conversation! It was he who asked me!

I gladly explained the symbols and their significance. He was very interested. He said, “I need to get back to church. I haven’t been since last summer.” I pulled out a card and gave it to him. We both invited him to come and study with us.

But there’s more to this story. As I showed him the wristband and explained its symbols, the young lady working with him came over to hear. She called out to her mother, who was also making sandwiches with the two young people. She asked me to explain the wristband to her as well. The mother and daughter then told us that they are part of a Spanish-speaking church.

A conversation started, about the gospel and about the Lord, all because of a wristband.

My wife and I really enjoyed eating that sandwich. We will be going back for more. We’ll get the turkey on wheat again, and we’ll offer the bread of life – with a little wrist action.

Cory works with the Keller congregation. He graciously permitted BNC permission to reprint his article from his weblog.