Ngomoromo, Uganda, BNC – On April 16th, the first Sunday after this group of Christians was forced to flee to Uganda from the war zone in Pajok, South Sudan, they met under a tree for worship.

Simon Yope wrote to Don Humphrey on April 20th: “We are glad to be given a plot in the new camp though in the forest. We’re starting life from zero.”

There is little water and food in the camp. The most urgent needs for our brethren are beans, maize flour and blankets. The camp has over 12000 people. Most of our brethren from Pajok are here.

Don Humphrey states: “We will be working to see if we can find a way to get relief goods to them. This is going to be a massive undertaking so please pray for them and for us that we may find a way to get these basic goods to them and the funds to pay for them.” For more information see

Thousands of refugees arrive in north Uganda from South Sudan daily. About 200,000 have arrived since January. There are now more than 800,000 South Sudanese refugees across 14 camps in northern Uganda. There are also refugees from Rwanda, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea and Kenya in various refugee camps scattered all over Uganda. Caring for them places a tremendous burden on the government of Uganda and help from wealthy countries is urgently needed.

Refugees say that South Sudan government troops, after fighting with armed rebels that control the areas, often attack the villages believing that the civilians are rebel supporters. They think they are rebels because the area is controlled by rebels. One refugee explained: “We don’t get to choose which armed group takes control of our villages. We just pray that whoever it is will live with us in peace.”

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  1. We must never, ever stop praying for our Christian brothers and sisters suffering just because they are in the way of someone’s political ambitions (killing people so he can have a palace to live in and people to bow down to him). Others are suffering simply because they are Christians.

    There is a man on the run in Afghanistan (baptized 5 years ago) because of his Christianity; he has 5 children and fear for their safety from kidnappers as well as his own life. Another in Iraq has suffered his wife leaving him because he became a Christian, taking their children, and hauling him into court to get him imprisoned. Another in Gaza lost his job. Another in Kurdistan was locked in a room and beaten every day by her mother-in-law to get her to renounce Christ.

    Never, ever stop praying. They are our brothyers and sisters.