Oklahoma City, OK  (BNC) – As a warning to other congregations, I recently published a history of the (Quail) Springs Church of Christ in Oklahoma City, showing how they were led astray.

Their leaders were influenced by church-growth methods coming from the Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago and from Rick Warren’s book “The Purpose Driven Church,” and also by teachings of Contemplative Spirituality proponents such as Richard Foster.

Evaluations have been added to the Quail Springs history explaining the errors of these influences:

Willow Creek


Rick Warren


Contemplative Spirituality and Spiritual Disciplines


The (Quail) Springs Church teaches that women may speak in the assembly and that instruments of music may be used in worship.

When a Ghanaian brother in Belgium, who had been exposed to this teaching, asked me if all preachers of churches of Christ in America taught such things, I clarified that the Springs Church of Christ is not recognized as a faithful congregation by churches of Christ in general. Their history demonstrates the horrible consequences when God’s elect sell their birthright for a denominational “mess of pottage” in the hopes of pleasing men.

Roy Davison


  1. It is good to see a voice raised in opposition to the departures from the truth as is now practiced by the Quail Springs church in Oklahoma City. It is important to follow the directives of the apostle Paul who said evangelists must “reprove and rebuke” as well as to “exhort.” If my arithmetic is correct as I counted in his letters to Timothy and Titus, more attention was to be given by evangelists to what may be termed “negative” preaching than was to be devoted to the “positive.” I now suffer the loss of wife and family because of taking a stand against some of those same tactics in my region that are contrary to the New Testament pattern. Apostate leaders here have signed documents authorizing unbiblical worship, then withdrew from yours truly for his stand for worship “in spirit and in truth,” accusing him of being “divisive” for not submitting when they took the “broad path” that leads to destruction. Some may criticize Roy Davison for spending his time and energies exposing error while he is involved in his mission to the lost overseas. He has looked back and checked the foundations of our faith and practice “back home.” If you count the directives to Timothy and Titus in Paul’s letters to them, you will find (as I found) a majority of his charges to these young preachers dealt with opposing false teaching (the “negative”) as compared with their obligations to “accentuate the positive.” And they were not to “mess with Mr. In Between” while preaching and leading souls to heaven in the narrow Old Paths of true religion.

  2. I am so happy to Not Be part of this group which decided that a group of believers is “not recognized as a faithful congregation…”

  3. I totally agree. I don’t recognize the church of Christ that the old gospel preacher taught me about and where he baptized me 42 years ago. I went to one congregation and was impressed by the fact that they had changed so much – become so “loosey-goosey” with the assembly. An elder leading long meditative prayers followed by teary-eyed (almost crying) conclusions. Bible classes studying some religious author’s book as if it were inspired. Did I say that no one had real Bibles with them? The preacher preached from his iPad, but never read from the Bible (the book).
    Where is the Church that was so determined to be the restoration of the New Testament Church I knew 42 years ago?