JACKSONVILLE, Ala. (BNC) by Matt Wallin — Because of the upcoming election, our country is talking politics. We want to use this opportunity to start a spiritual conversation with our readers. The Sept./Oct. issue of House to House/Heart to Heart will discuss, “If Jesus Were Running for President, Would He Win?”

We will encourage our communities to look for spiritual strengths in those we elect, and to ultimately allow Jesus to be the ruler of our lives.

People are looking for answers—answers that only Jesus and His church can provide. Let’s tell people about King Jesus!

The goal is to reach 3.2 million homes and make this the largest HTH issue ever mailed. It will be a challenge to reach more than three million homes, but with your help, and if it is what God wants, we can certainly do it. Setting the bar high gives God room to work!

Will you help? Here’s how:

  • Please pray that we work with the right congregations at the right time to reach the right people. Pray that God will give increase to the seeds we plant and water.
  • For congregations not currently mailing HTH, now is the perfect time to get back in. You can participate in a one-time mailing of only this issue, or you can get back in for regular mailings. If you participate in this mailing and don’t already have a church website, we will provide one for you for FREE! Please respond by October 13. (This gives a two-month cushion to allow time to go through the proper channels.) Simply call Matt Wallin toll free at 1-877-338-3397 (or e-mail Matt@housetohouse.com).