MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (BNC) — The Stones River Church of Christ began an instrumental service, along with its a cappella service, March 29, according to the local newspaper DailyNewsJournal.

It joins a number of congregations who embrace evangelical doctrine and reject the principle of specificity in Bible teaching.

From the newspaper report, it appears Stones River considers itself part of a denomination, includes women to lead worship, confuses Old Testament practices with New Testament faith, and emphasizes social outreach over preaching the gospel.

“So some would say it is not authorized, so you can’t do it,” [minister Tony] Woodall said. “But I say if it is so important, would God have said, ‘Whatever you do, don’t play instruments in worship!”

While proponents like Stones River often speak of honoring both traditions and seeking to maintain peace, they are aware that such actions offend convictions of brethren.

“… when you add something like instrumental music or women in leadership then you are no longer a true church and therefore should not be viewed as such,” Joshua Dement, gospel preacher working with the Newton Street congregation in Paragould, Ark., wrote about the Stones River decision.

“Knowing grace and love of God so you can worship however you feel like God is leading you to worship — that matters,” Woodall was quoted as saying.

Photo was submitted to the DailyJournalNews. WVBS puts forth the case for singing in worship.