(BNC) by George Hall — I have been watching ads on TV by ASPCA. They represent a noble cause to prevent cruel treatment of animals. The soft music plays as a video of caged, sad-looking dogs appears. A soothing voice tells us of the tormented history of the animals.

They touch our hearts. Perhaps we shed a tear. They ask for money to reach their goal.

In 1974, I went to India to help retrain preachers. Most of my summer was spent in Madras, a huge city, which is filled with starving children. In the early mornings, the “dead wagons” would pick up the dead bodies from the streets.

One time I saw a dead wagon with a few bodies on it. One body was that of a young boy who was about six years old. Another boy, who was alive and was about seven or eight years old, was hugging the dead body. They were probably brothers.

As I write this, tears run down my face.

Other times, I would be walking in the busy streets, and kids would wrap their arms and legs around my legs (often, two kids at a time). They would say to me, “Please, master, please, master.” Once again, my tears flow.

TV commercials picture starving children in desperate situations. It naturally touches our hearts.

They ask for money to feed them and to provide clean water to drink. This is a noble cause.

There were many things that Jesus did. Of course, they were all good. He states clearly His mission. Christ Jesus came to seek and save the lost. His heart was touched to the point of generating compassion for the distressed and scattered people.

We share the pain in His heart as He looks with sad eyes upon Jerusalem, saying, “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem.” Jesus was and is a friend of publicans and sinners. Our troubled eyes focus upon the cross.

The cross is worse than the terrible beheadings by ISIS. The cross brings forth tears of sadness and rejoicing.

Our hearts are touched hundreds of times more for the horrible condition of mankind than for the condition of dogs. Where are the tears for the lost? If we look through the eyes, the tears will come. In Mark 16:15, the Gospel is to go to all, to save people.

We ask for money to help save the lost.

George works with the Bible Institute of Central America. This article was part of the November BICA newsletter.