HILLSBORO, Oh. (BNc) by Dale Schraw — The Sunnyside congregation worked alongside fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to evangelize on a campaign July 19-31. In the opening of the campaign, the Sunnyside church had 22 active members.

Our planning efforts commenced in July, 2013.

We contacted a number of large congregations of the Lord’s church who were versed in door-knocking.

We worked with a group of brethren who assist small churches of Christ in the work of the Lord. Brethren from the Gospel Sharing Ministry and Sojourners trained our members and worked with us in bringing God’s Word to members of our community during the campaign.

We began knocking doors and using a New King James chain-reference Bible by Star Publishing.

At the end of four days, we began following up leads rather than continuing the door-knocking.

On July 23 we performed a wedding ceremony and baptized the couple into Christ. On July 25, a second wedding and those two were added to the Lord’s church.

During this campaign, we knocked 295 doors, found 140 people home, performed 25 Home Bible Studies, baptized 14 into Christ, performed 2 weddings, and had one restoration.

This increased our number by more than 50%. Our present building will no longer meet our needs. The members and their children must now find another building so that we are able to continue the present work in Hillsboro.

God has blessed us in this work. It is time to train our new converts and continue to reach and teach as many of their friends and neighbors as we are able.

Please continue to pray for our efforts and pray that we will be able to find the funding necessary to acquire the building that will meet our present and future needs.

We pray that other small churches of Christ will begin spreading the Good News of Christ as we are told in the Great Commission of Christ (Matthew 28:18-20).

The early Christians were persecuted but held their ground firmly. It is our time to do the same.

Dale is a Christian with the Sunnyside church.