First Texas Ladies for Christ Retreat

First Texas Ladies for Christ Retreat

BRADY, Tex. (BNc) by Cheri Deaver — Forty women participated in the First Annual Texas Ladies for Christ Retreat at the Heart of Texas Bible Camp Oct. 3-5.

Kayla Hyde, Priscilla Smithey, and Erynn Sprouse organized it to be a weekend in which Christian women could come together to feed on the meat of the Word in the book of Philippians.

They enlisted the help of in-depth Bible class teachers to give an introduction to the book and then each one take an hour to study each chapter.

  • Sandi Smith opened our eyes to the rich history behind the book of Philippians with pictures of the ruins to “take us there.”
  • Sarah Fallis took chapter one discussing how an unconquerable Gospel leads to an unconquerable faith resulting in an unconquerable life.
  • Carla Moore presented chapter two with eleven pages of study material focusing on the ways of a true servant of God.
  • Erynn Sprouse taught Philippians chapter three, showing how all of our past sins or previous accolades, and our present accomplishments are truly just rubbish when it comes to the grace that saves us.
  • Evelyn Bonner finished the book with the fourth chapter of Philippians encouraging us to make careful study of keyword definitions to obtain better understanding.

Besides these comprehensive lessons, there were morning and evening devotionals by different sisters, as well as beautiful singing.

Friday night had an insightful question and answer session called “Somebody Help Me, Please.”

And all were blessed with the opportunity to get to know our sisters in Christ better.

Everyone was encouraged to mark our calendar for next year’s retreat set for Oct. 2-4, 2014, as the study will be on the book of Colossians.

More information will be available soon on the webpage.

To God be the glory for He is very, very good.