Front-page image for special announcement

Front-page image for special announcement

FT. WORTH, Tex. (BNc) — The Heritage church elders announced on Sunday that they had made a decision “that the addition of an instrumental worship service would be beneficial to our quest to reach the lost.”

They will begin the Sunday night service in the Fall. The two Sunday morning services will remain a cappella.

The announcement said that all the elders were in agreement that “scripture does not prohibit the use of instruments in our worship.”

They did not explain how they thought the addition of instruments of music to the worship would contribute to reaching the lost.

They stated that “we have spent a great deal of time studying the issue and praying for God to reveal his will as to what we should do.” Gone was the appeal to the New Testament as the single source of knowledge of God’s will.

They said the a cappella worship was a “long-standing tradition” that many of their members would still prefer.

Some elders stepped down from their posts at the decision. In spite of “many” members’ preference and the decision of some of their “leadership” to step down from their “positions,” the change will be made.

They claimed the change “allows people to focus on worshipping God in their own way.” Following that rationale, more future changes might be expected, with the addition of candles, dance, priestly robes, or other denominational practices.

The image on the front page which links to the special announcement was appropriately titled, “Whatever It Takes” (see above).

The special announcement is posted on the Heritage site.