GRESHAM, Ore. (BNc) by Bob Towell — A World English Institute teacher sent the following comments: “I’m having a wonderful experience: 81 and spreading the Word without having to put my coat on and walk out my door.

“At a Wednesday night home Bible study several weeks ago, before everyone got their coffee, I took some time to promote Internet teaching. I told how easy and rewarding the experience is and about the need for more teachers. Would you believe everyone got their treats, headed for the dining room and talked ball scores and golf, without a word ever said about the open door to the world that lay open before them?!

“To this day, NOT A WORD! The group included five or six retired Christian college professors and the prayer regularly includes, ‘Lord, help us …’ — you know the prayer.

“God never commanded Bible study on Wednesday night, but He did have something to say about carrying the message of redemption to the ends of the earth. We have clearly defined faithfulness as ‘attendance’ on Sunday morning, evening, and Wednesday night. ‘Old Brother So-in-So is a faithful soul, he’s here every time the door is open!’ These are nice people and do good things, but we have institutionalized evangelism and feel we’ve participated in the process when we drop our offering into the collection plate!”

The number of teachers using WEI‘s teaching website increased to 284 during the first quarter of 2013. However, current teachers cannot always add new students, so the number of new students dropped from an average of 750 per month last year to fewer than 500 per month.

Please help us continue recruiting new teachers! Souls are waiting to hear the good news of Jesus. When new students wait as much as 48 hours for a teacher, we must decrease Google advertising. Reaching more souls means more advertising, which means more new teachers will always be needed.

What will we say to the Lord when we stand before him if we have failed to carry out his commission?

Read Matthew 9:37, 38.

Bob and Jan Towell are coordinators of WEI. This text excerpted from the Jan-Mar, 2013, WEI report, Dick Ady, editor.