HUNTSVLLE, Ala. (BNc) by Peggy Nichols Champion — I answered the door yesterday and found a Deputy Sheriff standing there, from the Madison County Sheriff’s Department.

He inquired if ours was the Hudson residence. I told him no, and he then asked if it is the Nichol’s residence. I told him my father is Nichols and lives downstairs.

The deputy said he was looking for Flavil Nichols. That scared me! Then he showed me a Bible that on the inside had a “Member” lapel sticker, like we wear at church, with his name in it, in my handwriting!

The officer told me he came across the Bible while cleaning out his files of items that had been recovered in burglaries. He said it was probably from a robbery 10-15 years ago.

He traced it down to us from Dad’s name in the phone directory.

The Bible originally belonged to my deceased Uncle Hudson, which explains why the officer was first asking about “the Hudson residence.” It was later given to Dad!

We suppose Dad had left the Bible at church and it was taken during one of the break-ins we had at our previous building, at the then-Memorial Parkway congregation. (The congregation is now Chase Park.)

I am thankful for the officer who took the time to track us down and find the owner!