Gospel Gleaner magazine

Gospel Gleaner returns to print

KILLEN, Ala. (BNc) —Bucking the trend of periodicals moving to electronic format, “The Gospel Gleaner” returns to print in its January, 2013, issue.

Editor Andrew D. Erwin assumed the helm of the magazine in June, 2012, at the request of founding editor Bill Dillon. Andrew moved it from congregational oversight to form Gospel Gleaner Publications, to insure its financial stability, he wrote in his editorial of the same issue.

Andrew preaches with the Pleasant Valley church in Killen.

As the magazine moves to a monthly format, it will deal with “with proper interpretation and application of the biblical text, the home, the church, denominational doctrines, ministry, and church history,” among other subjects, according to a mailout to subscribers.

“The Gospel Gleaner is going to have the look, feel, and appeal of an ‘old time’ religious paper. We will offer news and notes, biographical sketches of preachers, key historical perspectives on the Restoration Movement, timely articles, varying styles of writers, and open pages to religious discussions,” Andrew wrote.

The magazine also begins to charge a modest annual subscription fee.

New staff writers were also added to several of the present ones for the new phase: Ronald D. Bryant, Gerald Cowan, Guy Hester, Sam Hester, Wayne Kilpatrick, M.W. Kiser, James R. Lewis, Owen D. Olbricht, John T. Polk II, Brandon Renfroe, Roger Shepherd, and Ron Thomas.

The paper begins its 25th year in 2013.

For more information see the magazine’s website. Also, see these PDFs of the subscriber mailout and the entire Jan., 2013, issue.