SAVANNAH, Ga. (BNc) — A local television station aired a woman’s complaint over a church sign that carried a politically incorrect Bible verse.

WSAV-TV reported a complaint to the station against the church in Garden City, Ga., made by Dana Smith, who “contacted News 3 saying she passed by the sign and was surprised by what it said.”

BNc has contacted the television station to ask why they considered the complaint newsworthy. The email, sent through the station’s website, asked also if they would have aired a story if the sign had posted a verse about the necessity of baptism for salvation.

The station did not report whether it was Smith or one of their staff who contacted the homosexual group Act Out Savannah. But the station did record a negative reaction from the group’s executive director.

The minister Larry Wright said the sign was cared for through a monthly roster of the members.

As soon as the station replies to BNc, their answer will be posted to the story.