Adapted from “The Southwesterner”

AUSTIN, Tex. (BNc) — The Southwest School of Bible Studies, sponsored by the Southwest congregation, graduated nine students July 4.

Last weekend, nine students received the Diploma in Biblical Studies: Emily Cammock, James Cammock, Andy Chvavarrilla, Jojimon George, John Haffner, Daniel Lange, Moisés Umaña, Maritza Umaña, and Saraí Umaña.

In addition, Kelcy Chavarrilla and Kristina Sowell received the Certificate of Biblical Studies for successfully completing the Christian Women’s Studies Program, designed for student wives and other ladies interested in continuing their spiritual education.

The month of July is always a busy one at the Southwest School of Bible Studies (SWSBS), as students complete assignments and sit for final exams and plans are made for graduating yet another class. This is always a bittersweet time as the congregation and school bid farewell to graduating students and their families, knowing that they are going forth better prepared to work in the Lord’s kingdom.

The weekend began with the SWSBS Graduation Banquet on Friday evening, July 2, attended by the students, their families, friends, and members of several congregations of the Lord’s church.

This was an opportunity for the students to celebrate the completion of their studies and enjoy once more the company of the saints in the school setting.

On Sunday, July 4, brother Dave Rogers of the MidTown congregation in Victoria, Tex., was the graduation speaker for both morning and evening services. He was accompanied by his wife Luann. It was especially meaningful to have brother Rogers with us, as he graduated from SWSBS 30 years ago.

The graduation ceremony itself followed the evening service, with the graduating class being given departing charges by the elders of the Southwest congregation, the faculty, and the director of the school, Rick Brumback.

The ceremony closed with the students being awarded their diplomas with the congratulations of the elders, faculty, and all in attendance.

Each of these, with their respective families, will be making the transition to life and work beyond the Southwest classroom.

Daniel Lange and Saraí Umaña will marry on July 17 and will be moving to Tucson, Ariz., to work with the Mission Valley congregation.

James and Emily Cammock will be returning to his homeland of New Zealand, looking forward to working together to spread the Gospel in that part of the world.

Andy Chavarrilla, together with his wife Kelcy and their two children, Kiley and Kaden, will be working with the congregation in Three Rivers, Tex.

Jojimon George will be temporarily remaining in Austin with wife Shiny and their daughter Stacy.

John Haffner is looking forward to his work with the Rocksprings, Tex., congregation.

Moisés Umaña and his wife Maritza will be returning to SWSBS to complete their coursework during the first quarter.  Currently they are working with the Grove Avenue congregation in San Antonio, Tex.

We pray for these individuals and their respective works, knowing that great good for the Lord’s kingdom will be accomplished.

All of these individuals, with their families, have demonstrated tremendous commitment to the cause of Christ. They have been diligent in their in-depth study of God’s Word. No doubt most students at SWSBS could not complete their education without the prayerful, emotional, and financial support of faithful brethren who value the preparation and training that is being gained. To all such supporting individuals and congregations we extend heartfelt appreciation for your generosity and fellowship in these labors.

At this same time, five full-time SWSBS students have completed the first year of the program and will be resuming their studies as second-year students in August. These are Jewell Herring, Tim O’Banon, Jacob Rutledge, Jeff Whatley, and Sam Wilson.

They will be joined in August by a new incoming class of nine students: Stefani Adkins (Livingston, Tex.), Micah Dawson (New Boston, Tex.), Justin Gonzalez (with wife Christine and children Gabriel and Trevor, of Katy, Tex.), Cory Myers (with wife April and young son Talen of Dripping Springs, Tex.), David Olmos (San Marcos, Tex.), Francis Omoding (with his wife Susan and their sons, Ronald and Paul, of Entebbe, Uganda), Shelby Rutledge (Mt. Vernon, Tex.), Ryan Stryker (Goliad, Tex.), and Eddie Watkins, who along with his wife Jennifer and daughters Marcy and Abigail are members at Southwest.

Your continued support for our current and entering students is greatly appreciated. The Lord has continued to bless his church with time and opportunity to learn and share the Gospel of Christ.

Thanks are due to him and to his people who recognize the importance of preaching and teaching the Word. It is our prayer that we each celebrate the lives transformed by his Word, and we pray that we each continue to carry the Gospel to every creature (Col. 1:23).