Alken, Belgium (BNc) — The Old Paths Archive now contains radio broadcasts and lectures by V.E. Howard.

V. E. Howard

Brother Howard began preaching on the radio at Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1934. In 1995, because of failing health, he turned the ‘International Gospel Hour’ radio broadcast over to the elders of the West Fayetteville congregation in Fayetteville, Tennessee. It is the longest continuous broadcast in radio history.

Brother Howard became known for his question to emphasize a point, “Are you listening?” His voice was instantly recognized by thousands who were listening as he forcefully and clearly preached the gospel of Christ. He held gospel meetings throughout the US and baptized more than 8000 people during his lifetime.

At the age of 88, brother Howard passed away in 2000. In 2010 Roy Davison bore the expense of having the studio tapes of his broadcasts digitized for publication in a sub-section of the Old Paths Archive. Via the Internet, brother Howard can preach throughout the world even after he has gone to be with the Lord.