Ministers in Southeast Georgia find strength and fellowship in monthly meetings.

by Richard Mansel

HAZLEHURST, Ga. (BNc) — Ian Burgin said, “So many churches are small in Southeast Georgia, and we remain true to the pattern and serving God.”

Burgin, minister with the Nashville, Ga., church extolled the virtues of serving in a small congregation as he gave a report on the work in his community, at the church workers’ meeting.

Workers from a variety of congregations in Southeast Georgia drive on the first Monday of each month to Sisters Country Kitchen to fellowship and edify one another.

These brethren are close and look forward to these visits. They also attend each other’s gospel meetings and seminars. Most have known each other for many years.

We meet and greet one another and share a printed copy of an article or a sermon with everyone else. The meeting begins and some preliminary comments precede the speaker coming to deliver a lesson.

In the most recent meeting, Richard Mansel, of the Allenhurst congregation, spoke on the necessity of being Biblical and how important it is to use Scriptural language.

Accordingly, we must remember that the denominational world has changed the definitions of many words and that people may hear something different from what we mean, as a result. We must be exact and Scriptural in our preaching and teaching, so we can all be on the same page and be as one.

After a meal together from the buffet, we have reports from the various congregations on how the Lord is blessing their communities. We report on gospel meetings, seminars and youth days, as well as mission reports, jail ministries, publishing efforts and supporting new congregations.

It is edifying to hear what the brethren are doing to reach the lost.

In addition, we have an area-wide newsletter to make all the congregations aware of these activities.

In Southeast Georgia, congregations are small and far apart. These brethren frequently drive two hours, round trip, or more to gospel meetings several times a year. Many drive that far and more to attend these church workers’ meetings each month. These brethren are dedicated to the cause of Christ.

Since Southeast Georgia is largely a military area, we pray for the troops and their families, as well as each other and our respective works. Some of those in the meeting have children who are serving abroad in the armed forces.

The Lord is active worldwide and we must all be forever grateful and tireless in his fields and give him the glory (Ephesians 3:20-21).

Preachers’ meetings are a great joy, and every area of the brotherhood should have them.

The church would be stronger if brethren would work and serve together as one (Ephesians 4:1-6).