by David W. Hester, special for BNc

Diana Singing4DIANA, Tenn. (BNc) — Over 3,000 Christians from at least 26 states gathered for the annual Diana Singing Sept. 11-12.

The event has been held in both the spring and the fall since 1969.

Master of ceremonies and co-founder Tom Holland announced that the purpose of the event is to “promote congregational singing.” And, indeed it did.

Christians came from as far away as Alaska and Hawaii and lifted up their voices in song for several hours — punctuated by the periodic horn blasts of a passing railroad train. The singing pavilion sits right beside the railroad track, and the noise gave brother Holland opportunity for some humorous comments.

The event draws people of all ages. A three-week-old baby boy was declared to be the youngest participant and, it was hoped, a future song leader.

Diana Singing2Many college students enjoyed the singing, as well as adults.

Numerous Christians pitched in to help make the event a success, including manning the “ham shack,” where one could purchase a homemade ham sandwich along with other refreshments.

Both CDs and DVDs of the event are available; for more information, visit the website.