Editor’s note: Michal Swain is in Costa Rica and requested that Allan Rojas write about the situation in Honduras for BNc. This report was received today from the Baxter Institute of Biblical and Cultural Studies in Tegucigalpa.

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (BNc) — Dear brothers and sisters all over the world, the eyes of the world are looking at Central America. If you get to see the news, you will find at least one article about the situation in Honduras.

The main political problem now is that the Honduran ex-president Manuel Zelaya wants to be the president for a second period of time (re-election), but the Constitution in this country does not accept that situation. There are some leaders of other countries believing that Manuel should be the president again. The people here in Honduras won’t accept this, they don’t want him to be back re-elected, and some people say that he would go to jail for going against the Honduran Constitution. That’s why the Honduran army took him out of the country and the government established a new president (Micheletti). Now Mel Zelaya wants to come back, he is saying that maybe this week or next.

So that and so many other things are happening in Honduras.

At Baxter, we are a little scared, but we are safe inside of the institute. We have direct orders from our president Howard Norton to stay here and not to go out. We are having our own worship services at the cafeteria on Sundays, and we are having normal classes. We cannot even go out to the churches that we are assigned to, so we are not preaching nor doing evangelistic work nor giving biblical classes.

Honduras has been receiving many people from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua lately, so some people are worried about an internal conflict. Some of our students are from those countries, so they are worried about what could happen. We trust in God, and we know that he is taking care of us and the entire situation here.

The mission groups from the States that were here this week took a flight to the U.S. Some intern people had to go back because of this situation, the embassy of the United States recommended to do that just for precaution.

Some groups from the States as well cancelled their mission trips to this country and that’s really sad because they prepare so many things to bring down here, included hope and smiles, and they are not coming.

This is pretty much what is happening here, we thank you all so much for your prayers and your concern about this situation. It is great to know that there are so many people thinking about all the things happening in this country.

May God take care of His people.

In Jesus, Allan Rojas,Costarican student at Baxter