OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (BNc)- Oklahoma Christian University administrators will speak to a UN conference Apr. 18 about the school’s contributions to Rwanda.

Mike O’Neal, president of the university, and Nathan Mellor, Executive Director of the Academy of Leadership & Liberty at OC, will present four initiatives worked out between OC and the Rwandan government.

The initiatives include sending a total of 40 Rwandan students to OC, training Afghani business women, training for Rwanda’s Vision 2020 education goals, and a student project of digging wells.

O’Neal will testify at the VIII Infopoverty World Conference: “Low Cost-Smart Technologies to Fight Poverty and Save the Planet.” Infopoverty seeks to fight poverty through the innovative use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). It provides broadband services such as telemedicine, e-learning, e-government and other services to disadvantaged communities.

The purpose of the conference is to help alleviate poverty through information and communication technologies.

The Conference program at which OC will present its work is moderated by Rick Warren, author of “The Purpose Driven Life.”