JACKSONVILLE, Ala (BNc)- The fourteenth Polishing the Pulpit Church Conference will be held in the Great Smoky Mountains at Sevierville, Tenn., Aug. 22-28, minister and PTP director Allen Webster announced today.

Six sessions will run concurrently: classes for preachers, elders/deacons, youth workers, church members, preachers/church leaders’ wives and women (general sessions). See the PTP website for the schedule and registration information.

Fify-four speakers from 12 states will deal with 243 class topics in 350 hours of instruction.The sessions will run Friday night through Thursday.

PTP is under the oversight of the elders of the Jacksonville, Ala., church. Diretors are Allen Webster, Jacksonville, Ala., Mark Howell, Atwood, Tenn., David Barker, Trinity, Ala., and Eddie Gilpin, Salem, Va.

Previous speakers have included Wendell Winkler, Johnny Ramsey, Alan Highers, Dan Winkler and Robert Taylor.

This year’s schedule includes George Bailey, Dewayne Wilson, Brad Harrub, Neal Pollard, Jody and Evelyn Apple, John Moore, Kyle and Sheila Butt, Glenn and Cindy Colley.

“Last year we had a total of 350 preachers register for the event and a total of 550 in attendance,” according to Derek Raulerson of the Jacksonville church.

By calling (877) 325-9453 hotel reservations made be made at the Wilderness at the Smokies Hotel, which connects to the Sevierville Events Center (where PTP sessions will be held). Room rates are discounted from $89-149 for the PTP group.