WINONA MS (WGN)- Gospel Opportunities Evangelism releases the first Greek-Spanish commentary on the gospel of John on November 15.

Spanish commentary on JohnThe commentary provides a Spanish translation directly from the Greek with comments.

“We are very excited to be publishing a book that will be the first of its kind in the churches of Christ, a New Testament commentary directly from the ancient Greek into the Spanish language,” Robert Swain, GOE coordinator, wrote in his November 2007 newsletter.

Author Enrique Martorell was born in Anna, Valencia, Spain in 1949. He was converted to Christ in 1971 and immediately decided to work for the Lord. He helped in the establishment of the church in Barcelona.

In 1976, he moved to the USA to study theology. He obtained his BA and MA from the American Christian Bible College in West Monroe, La.

Enrique MartorellHe returned to Spain and was named director of the Centro Cristiano de Formación de Líderes in Madrid. He served as director 1984-1990, and was a professor concentrating on the Greek of the New Testament. He preached in Madrid 1993-2003.

Since 2004 he has lived in the USA and preached at the Iglesia de Cristo in Hope, Ark., and is a professor of Greek at the Alpha and Omega Hispanic Bible School in Little Rock, Ark.

Enrique is married to Nohemí Alonso, and they have three children, Israel, Priscila and Iván.

The book has more than 250 pages and sells for $8.95 plus $3.75 shipping. Those interested in purchasing may call 662-283-5037, email Michal Swain or write to:

Gospel Opportunities
P.O. Box 190
Winona, MS 38967

WGN was granted a sample of the commentary from John 3 in pdf format.

The ministry is appealing to individuals, groups and congregations to adopt a preacher in Central or South America by underwriting the cost of purchase and mailing the commentary.

The next commentary in the series will be on the book of Revelation.

The goal of Gospel Opportunities Evangelism is to assist Christians in the Spanish-speaking world to evangelize their own countries.