BROOKINGS SD (WGN)- The Russian Bible Commentary Publishing Ministry will send the 23rd volume of its commentary series to the press in December.

Jim MittenbrinkThe next volume contains Parables in Profile and Bible Words and Theological Terms made Easy, both by Wayne Jackson, and Types and Shadows by Gaddys Roy.

The volume should be ready for distribution in February, ministry coordinator Jim Mettenbrink said.

These three books are published in one volume as a more economical means of printing.

The ministry’s books have been distributed by the Syktyvkar (Komi Republic), Russia, church since 1996.

One of the challenges in foreign mission work is providing study materials. When the Soviet Union fell, campaign teams and long-term missionaries went to this virtually unbroken foreign soil. Aside from tracts and a periodical, however, little was done to publish good reference books and commentaries. Most available religious books are written by the Russian Orthodox church; thus a dearth of reliable biblical books exists for the new churches.

MatthewCoverSince 1996, 37 books in 22 volumes in Russian have been printed as part of the goal to publish a commentary of every book of the Bible in Russian. Commentaries on each book of the New Testament have been published.

Some 50 volumes of the commentaries are planned, Mettenbrink noted.

Several reference books have also been published: Notes in the Margin of My Bible and a compilation of nine books by Apologetics Press entitled The Christian’s Reference to Apologetics.

In February 2007, the ministry completed another volume containing Gems in the Greek by Basil Overton, and two more of Jackson’s works, Treasures from the Greek New Testament and Biblical Figures of Speech.

In June 2007, the first volume of the Old Testament, which includes Studies in Genesis by Edwin Jones and Understanding the Old Testament by James Orten, was completed.

The commentary on Exodus by James Burton Coffman is being translated and is projected to be printed by June 2008.

Translation of the books, printing and distribution are all accomplished within Russia, but they are available for churches of Christ in all of the former Soviet Union countries.

“Because of the dollar devaluation and inflation, the ministry needs funds to continue this vital effort in the future. It has averaged two volumes annually and we would like to continue this pace,” Mettenbrink wrote.

The Redland Road Church of Christ, Wetumpka, Ala., oversees the ministry.

Further information and details can be obtained from Jim Mettenbrink.