‘Simple New Testament Christianity intrigued’ pastor on hearing restoration plea

Preacher Neal Pollard

Preacher Neal Pollard

DENVER, Colo. (BNc) — In an impromptu Bible study with the leader of a diverse group of believers, Neal Pollard wrote yesterday that the pastor “had never heard of … approaching the plan of salvation or how to worship or anything else by using nothing but the Bible.”

The pastor was searching for a congregation to plug his nearly 100 followers into. Neal said,

While he seemed very interested in the concept, his “pragmatic” side did not allow him to see how that would work with the group with which he already worked. …  Yet, as strident as he was about their beliefs, this idea of non-denominational, simple New Testament Christianity intrigued him.

The hour-long discussion ended with plans to talk further about the restoration plea.

Of that experience, Neal observed,

Perhaps we have bought into the idea that the “restoration plea” has been tried and has failed to find a following.  If [this leader] is in any way representative of the religious world, and I have reason to believe he is, there are a great many who are totally unaware of that plea. Could there be a whole world of religious people out there, disenchanted with mainline evangelical denominationalism, who would be open to New Testament Christianity? Let’s pray for opportunities to share it and see what happens!

Read Neal’s entire post at this link.

Neal Pollard calls modern position on women ‘dangerous and insulting’

Preacher Neal Pollard

Preacher Neal Pollard

DENVER, Colo. (BNc) — Neal Pollard, preacher with the Bear Valley congregation, took issue today with Dale Pauls’s characterization of respecting Scripture’s teaching on women, calling it “dangerous and insulting.”

Pauls is minister of the Stamford, Conn., church and wrote recently of his long-held views for full positional equality for women in the church.

Neal noted that this is not a recent position for him. He also evaluated Pauls’s piece as his personal interpretation of history and an appeal to emotion that dealt little with Scripture.

What few Scriptures were included, Neal said, Pauls affirmed, but failed to demonstrate, that they were culturally determined.

“His position begs the question without proving anything,” Neal wrote.

For Neal’s article, see this link to his blog.

Pikes Peak congregation hosts American Indian Missions Seminar

by Grady Miller

COLORADO  SPRINGS, Col., (BNc) – Leaders in American Indian evangelism and mission work traveled to Colorado Springs for the 29th Annual American Indian Missions Seminar on Aug. 3-4, and compared notes regarding their rewards and challenges.

Speakers included evangelists Ben Begay, Phillip James, and Dr. Bruce Terry. Brother Begay is a Native American of the Navajo Tribe and has preached at the Many Farms congregation since 1991. Phillip James is also of the Navajo Tribe and currently preaches at the Hogback church, but has served at Kinlichee, Ariz., Many Farms, Ariz., Fort Defiance, Ariz., and Crown Point, Ariz., as a Navajo evangelist since 1987. Dr. Terry served as a missionary among the Navajos at Montezuma Creek, Utah, from 1979 to 1985. He was missionary–in–residence at Abilene Christian University from 1994 to 1998, and now serves on the faculty of Ohio Valley University. Continue reading

Memorize 100 Bible verses in 100 days

Bible memorizationDENVER, Colo. (BNc) – Jon Warnes believes you can learn 100 Bible verses in 100 days. Over 1,500 people who have signed up to his program agree with him.

Jon began today a 100-day program of Bible memorization, using an event page on Facebook. The program will go through Sept. 5.

Jon will be listing the verses on a weekly basis on the event page and putting verses from previous weeks on his weblog. Continue reading

Trends and ideas: Preacher proposes option for declining lectureships

by Matthew Morine, pulpit minister with the Castle Rock, Colo., church
Republished, with permission, from his weblog.

Minister Matthew MorineAn elder was in my office yesterday, and we got to talking about lectureships.

This elder is highly connected in the church, and he goes to various lectureships each year. He was talking about how the numbers are down in some of the lectureships across the brotherhood. He made the comment, “It is more for old people now.”

This is not always true, I still like attending lectures, but the point is still true in general.

So if lectureships are not working, what will work with young people or young ministers? Continue reading

Sixth Annual Preacher’s Conference in Russia

by Glenda Williams, BNc correspondent

GENEVA, Alabama (BNc) — The sixth annual preacher’s conference was held in Vyatskiye, Polyany, Russia, September 27-30, 2010. Charles Williams, minister of the New Union church of Christ, Manchester, TN spoke at the four-day conference. This was the third conference in which he has participated. Continue reading

2010 Bear Valley Lectures a huge success

by Neal Pollard, lectureship director

DENVER, Colo. (BNc) – Twenty-three speakers from across the brotherhood converged on Denver Sept. 23-26, for the annual Bear Valley Lectures.

For many years, the lecture program was essentially a homecoming for alumni. However, in the past few years, the attempt has been made to broaden its scope.

Last year, those efforts included the school’s first ever lectureship book.

This year, an alumni kick-off event, a golf outing, and a much more comprehensive advertising campaign seem to have contributed to a big boost in attendance. Continue reading

Update on the Martin family after fatal car crash

by Barbara A. Oliver, managing editor

MEEKER, Colo. (BNc) — The progress of the Paul Martin family can be followed at The Martin Box. The family asks that you continue to keep them in your prayers.

Instead of flowers for their son, Stone, a fund has been set up at:

  • First National Bank of the Rockies, P.O. Box 600, Meeker, CO 81641
  • Memphis School of Preaching, 3950 Forest Hill-Irene Rd., Memphis, TN 38125

Cards can be sent to the family at P.O. Box 125, Meeker, CO 81641.

Martin family involved in auto accident

by Greg Howell, elder, Cordova, Tenn., church

MEEKER, Colo. (BNc) —
Vanessa Martin and her children, Stone and Alana, were involved in a very serious car accident Tuesday morning, Jan. 19, in Meeker, Colo.

Vanessa is the daughter-in-law of Cordova church minister Jerry Martin. Paul and Vanessa Martin work with the Meeker church, a small mission congregation in central Colorado.

Stone was airlifted to Grand Junction with his father Paul by his side. Ten-year-old Stone passed away Wednesday morning, Jan. 20. Continue reading