Preacher Neal Pollard

Preacher Neal Pollard

DENVER, Colo. (BNc) — In an impromptu Bible study with the leader of a diverse group of believers, Neal Pollard wrote yesterday that the pastor “had never heard of … approaching the plan of salvation or how to worship or anything else by using nothing but the Bible.”

The pastor was searching for a congregation to plug his nearly 100 followers into. Neal said,

While he seemed very interested in the concept, his “pragmatic” side did not allow him to see how that would work with the group with which he already worked. …  Yet, as strident as he was about their beliefs, this idea of non-denominational, simple New Testament Christianity intrigued him.

The hour-long discussion ended with plans to talk further about the restoration plea.

Of that experience, Neal observed,

Perhaps we have bought into the idea that the “restoration plea” has been tried and has failed to find a following.  If [this leader] is in any way representative of the religious world, and I have reason to believe he is, there are a great many who are totally unaware of that plea. Could there be a whole world of religious people out there, disenchanted with mainline evangelical denominationalism, who would be open to New Testament Christianity? Let’s pray for opportunities to share it and see what happens!

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